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  • I’m baaaaaaaack! (creepy voice)

    Man, I can’t believe how long it has been since my last blog I’ve written, which I feel is a little wack. My intention has always been to regularly post new blog updates, both for fans who would be interested, and even more so for myself to just have an outlet to somewhat journal my thoughts. For whatever reason I haven’t been compelled to actually write one though, despite having thought about it many times, until now. I suppose the main reason, if there even is one, is that I have been so focused on music creation and the making and completion of my debut 9 Theory album that it has majorly detracted from being in the right mental space to focus on blogs too. I want this to be the start now to blogging consistently; it feels good to actually live by the attitude of walk the walk instead of talk the talk. Or as Talib Kweli so perfectly put it on his Reflection Eternal album he made with DJ Hi-Tek, “Quit all the yappin, lets make it happen.” That is one of my favorite quotes ever by anybody, and words to live by if you ask me. If I may digress even more, I also just thought to share one of my other favorite life quotes that came from hip-hop. “Get in where you fit in…” Its pretty hilarious that this came from Too Short, and is followed by his signature, “bitch!” But in many different ways/contexts I think that motto is gold.

    Anyways, back to not quoting raps… SO much has happened since I last blogged 10 months ago! I went to Lightning In A Bottle music festival, met some epic people there who I am now close to and have beautiful relationships with, I went to Burning Man for my first time ever (for 10 days) with my friend Ilya and met even more incredible people who are now part of a beautiful extended community, and I got to play three different 9 Theory sets out there! One that was booked the day-of was me actually getting to perform on the Abraxas dragon art car on Saturday night as it drove from its camp to the burning of the man, and as the DJ after me was taking longer than expected to get set up I actually got to keep playing as the burn was beginning. If you’ve never been to Burning Man this probably doesn’t mean anything. If you have been you know how insanely epic that part of the week is; perhaps the burning of the man and the hour or two afterwards is the biggest/craziest, most awesome party that happens on planet Earth of the entire year every year, and that is by no means an exaggeration. The whole Burning Man experience I had, especially from meeting and connecting with everybody I did at Camp Sage where I stayed (Camp Sage! What what!!), had a very strong positive impact on my whole mental attitude and vibe, which equipped me to really move on from the whole challenging year that preceded it into the new wonderful chapter of my life that I have been living since it; the timing of Burning Man was perfect for me in my life to help with the transitioning I needed and was experiencing.

    Shortly after the burn I went to another music festival called Symbiosis Gathering, and actually volunteered to work artist relations at it. I can easily say the greatest “job” I have ever had was hanging out all night keeping watch over the backstage artist area behind the Cove Stage, and also driving artists on a golf cart to and from the camping area to their sets on the festival grounds, meeting dozens of awesome people, and connecting with them each as we spent 10-20 minutes zipping around in what I could best describe as a real-life Mario Kart video game. I also camped with my good friends Ilya, Sophia, Doug, Jenn, and Zach at this festival, who were all at the Burning Man Camp Sage with me. There were also many other Camp Sagers at this festival who we met and chilled with, and to have this “reunion” of sorts only a month after the burn was amazing. Also, as if the festival couldn’t get any cooler, I had brought my gear with me and ended up getting to play a renegade set at the little group of domes my friends set up, so technically I did end up playing a music festival in 2013 ; ) Thanks again for that Lux!

    I spent the rest of last year putting in a lot of work on my 9 Theory album, and also on developing the live show to get better and better. December ended up being especially epic because my youngest brother Zach, also known as Zigzilla when he raps, and his wife, Chiemi, had their first child on December 2nd! He is the most beautiful baby boy and his name is Kaito! My family and I went to Arcata for the Christmas holidays where they live, and got to meet him at only three weeks old. Shortly before that trip though I had my own solo adventure playing a show in Nevada City, CA at a really cool spot called Haven Underground, where I opened for my bro Ilya Goldberg (same dude I went to Burning Man with and Symbiosis Gathering). It was SO fun, and that town is super magical! I had no idea, but Nevada City is not only the best-preserved historical gold-mining town in California, but it also is an international hub of a crazy amount of incredible artists and badass people. The day after our show Ilya and I, and his friend Adam, all ended up at this beautiful home where I met Isis, the hostess with the mostest! We kicked it there all day into the late night and met many amazing people. Then the next day we stayed at our friend Lynx’s place and laughed and jammed for hours into the night; two acoustic guitars, violin, and vocals. I hadn’t jammed like that in a long time, and it was so rad, especially having Ilya add violin to it because he is a master of the instrument. Also Lynx has such a beautiful voice, and we made some really good improvised music. There was actually a really special moment for me that night I want to share. I was jamming with Ilya and Lynx, and another artist/singer was there named Dakini Star, and also her sister, and they are both big Inspired Flight fans it turns out. Somehow I was asked to play “I Won’t Let You Down,” which is my favorite iF song. I quickly re-figured out how to play all the chords and then I played and sang the song on just an acoustic guitar, and when it came to the chorus all of a sudden they all joined in with me, all three girls and I think maybe even Ilya too, and they all have beautiful voices, and they all knew the song and are fans of it, and I was just kind of blown away; it was a little emotional for me in a really beautiful way. They sang every chorus with me until I finished the song, and nothing like that moment has ever happened before or since with me playing one of my songs, it was such a wonderful blip in space and time!

    After Nevada City I went to Arcata for the holidays, and my last night there before coming back home I got to play a 9 Theory show up there at The Jambalaya with my brother rapping with me. Then when I got home from all of that I got to close out 2013 by opening a big show for Emancipator and Ana Sia at The Observatory OC. It was my first 9 Theory show in front of that many people and it went really well, and was so amazing for me to close out the year with that when it started with me grinding on beginning this whole 9 Theory thing, and opening for Wax Tailor actually in January. Pretty epic bookend shows huh?! Some other highlights since my last blog entry were doing a hike with my family into the back country of the Trinity Alps for a few days, I have been hanging out a lot with a girl who is super fun and awesome, and I also have been making lots of good music I am really excited about. As I type this now I am extremely close to finishing recording and mixing my debut 9 Theory album! I also have about three albums of dope music in the works so once this album comes out it will mark the beginning of a lot of output by 9 Theory that hopefully will never stop, nor be too long between new releases. I’m so excited! Lots of music coming soon! 9 Theory is about to do its thang, and I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!