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  • What a day!

    Today has been pretty significant regarding my journey as 9 Theory with two big things happening, and  I suppose both are equally exciting in different ways.  First I released one of my favorite songs from my upcoming debut album.  The other is that the official announcement was made that I have been added to the Autonomous Music booking roster, which is really big for me!  And what's coolest of all is that the two things coincided together with perfect timing to make each more significant, and to make this a really special day. 

    I found out a couple weeks ago that I would be added to the Autonomous booking roster and thought it would be great to put out my song, "The Piece That Fits (feat. Killah Priest)," along with when they would add me to their site and announce it.  They asked if I had a blog lined up to premier it and I thought, oh shit... I don't!  I've spent the past couple of weeks trying to get a blog to care and premier it and found out that that can be quite challenging.  What's awesome though is that I didn't give up and ended up getting a cool music blog called Earmilk to premier it; I've got to give a BIG thanks to Kiku Shinfuku of Earmilk for blogging the song!  I'm so excited to share this track with people because it has so many elements to it that I love, and that I think perfectly sum up what 9 Theory is all about at its core, which is combining a lot of different elements and genre vibes in a way that works.  I love that the song has a strong beat and vibe, but is more on the downtempo side.  The elements are mostly electronic and the drums are programmed, but there is a juxtaposition to that of beautiful organic violins (played by the amazing Ilya Goldberg of Emancipator), and harp (played by the epic Kelsea Rae Little).  Then I sing over it in a way and melody that is very reminiscent to me of Radiohead, who are one of my favorite influences.  Then to top it all off Killah Priest, the SUPER talented and deep/spiritual MC from the Wu-Tang fam, raps an incredible verse over it.  Somehow all of these elements come together in a wonderful way that works quite well, and I just love this song.  It also was an honor to work with Killah Priest finally.  I first met him outside after a Wu-Tang show at 4th & B in San Diego a few years ago, and I handed him an Inspired Flight CD, told him Rugged Monk and Inspectah Deck worked on it, and said we would be interested in maybe having him rap over something sometime.  He was super down, gave me his info, and said to hit him up.  Fast forward a few years later and the stars aligned, the right song showed up for his voice and vibe, and it ended up being a wonderful collaboration for my new 9 Theory project.  Funny how life works sometimes... And indeed patience is a virtue! 


    Getting added to the Autonomous roster is so awesome because having a legitimate booking agent as an independent artist on the total DIY grind is HUGE.  Being with the booking agency Madison House in Inspired Flight was why we ever got to open for people like Bonobo, Thievery Corporation, Beats Antique, Emanciaptor, and so on, and play music festivals like Coachella, Ligthning In A Bottle, Camp Bisco, Electric Forest, etc...  Hopefully I'll be back on that kind of a grind sooner than later now that I have aligned with Autonomous!  I'm excited because I have watched Autonomous help grow the careers of a number of their artists over the past few years, I love many of the artists they represent, my style of music makes a lot of sense for their roster, and the people I so far know who own and work for Autonomous fucking rock.  I've felt for awhile in my gut that I should be booked by them, and now I will be.  Funny how life works sometimes... 

    What lies ahead remains to be seen, but I'm grinding hard on my end and I am excited about what the future may have in store.  And no matter what happens, today was awesome.  What a day!