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  • I have an album release date!

    I have an album release date!

    I could not be more excited to finally have an official release date set for my debut album, Against The Odds Of Entropy, which will be available on December 9th later this year.  It was never my intention for it to take this long to put out my debut 9 Theory album, but when it comes to making music, completely finishing songs and projects like an album, and getting things aligned right for a good release effort I find I'm dealing with something bigger than me and whatever my wants or intentions might be.  Even though I wanted this album out over a year ago I know that the timing to put it out now is right, and I can't wait for you to hear it and for me to see what comes next. 

    Also I want you to know that the past two years of me creating and developing 9 Theory have not only lead to this first album I'm about to release, but also to A LOT of other songs, beats, and remixes already in the works, many nearly finished.  On December 9th you're going to finally hear my album, but I want you to know it is just the tip of a giant iceberg of material I have been creating for two years.  Releasing it will be the start of a fun and fantastic journey, and I really appreciate you being on the ride with me.  Lets roll!