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  • Album Artist Feature: Erica Dee

    MY DEBUT 9 THEORY ALBUM DROPS 12/9! Between now and then I am going to post a series of artist features for the amazing vocalists and emcees who have graced my record with featured performances, both to introduce you to who will be featured on the record, and also to introduce you to what those artists are all about and the story behind working together. For my first artist profile I would like to introduce you to:

    Erica Dee
    Erica Dee is a Canadian vocalist from B.C. with a distinct soulful, jazzy, killer voice. She is not only an awesome and seasoned vocalist, but she also is a legit emcee, DJ, and songwriter. I met Erica Dee through being in Inspired Flight, and we actually did a short West Coast tour where iF took Erica with us to be our female vocalist for the run. We also did a follow-up show opening for Thievery Corporation in San Diego and had her sing with us for that one as well. I really got to know Erica from doing those shows and being on the road a couple of weeks, and we had a great time singing, laughing, freestyling, and just being huge dorks the whole time. Her and I have spoken about collaborating on something ever since, and as I was creating my 9 Theory album I came up with a song called "Slow Drag" that I felt her vocal style would perfectly compliment. It barely worked out in our schedules to link up and record the song just before she left LA to move back to B.C. for a long time, and the track turned out way dope! Her vocals definitely work wonderfully with the song's vibe and melody, and I am excited to feature her on the album. Go check what Erica Dee is all about at You can also follow Erica Dee at: