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  • album artist feature: Killah Priest

    Being a huge fan of Wu-Tang Clan since 7th grade I have been a fan of Killah Priest since discovering him through his appearances on many Wu-affiliated projects. To work with any of the talented emcees who fall under the Wu-Tang umbrella is super exciting for me, and before collaborating with Killah Priest on my 9 Theory album I had already had the privilege of making tracks with Inspectah Deck and Black Knights. I actually met Killah Priest a few years ago after a Wu-Tang conert at 4th & B in San Diego, and I handed him an Inspired Flight CD, told him we'd worked with Deck and Black Knights, and let him know it would be cool to possibly work with him in the future too. He was down we traded contact info. Now, after years had gone by with no communication since that first meeting, I had a track for my album called "The Piece That Fits" that needed an emcee, but the vibe of the song along with the subject matter needed a very distinct emcee to compliment the track in the right way. I really had trouble thinking of who this could be for months, and one day my friend who I was showing the track to said he though Killah Priest would be dope on it, and when I thought about it I knew he was right! I reached out to Priest and sent him the track and he really loved it so he was down for the collab. Killah Priest is known for lyrically being able to get really deep on spiritual and philosophical levels; he is definitely a genius poet on some next-level shit! He brought his best on my track delivering such an amazing verse that fits the theme of the song so well with incredible imagery and deep meanings, all while having the super dope Wu-Tang, Killah Priest style to it. I couldn't be happier with choosing him for the track, and I hope to work with him more in the future.

    Killah Priest is a highly respected and prolific Wu-affiliated emcee from Bed-Stuy and Brownsville, Brooklyn, NY. He has many solo albums that I encourage you to check out at You can also follow Killah Priest at:

    P.S. One time Killah Priest and I went into outer space together, it was pretty cool.