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  • album artist feature: Eligh

    I was never really aware of Eligh until I worked with him on the song "Pull, Push, Let Go" with my old project, Inspired Flight. Since featuring him on that first track we have become friends and frequent collaborators. I knew he would have to be part of my debut 9 Theory album, but the song he ended up wanting to rap on, "Just A Piece," wasn't one I really had him in mind for or thought he would choose. Eligh is known for rapping really fast and doing so extremely well, but the beat that features him is slower and he switched his style up by rapping with a much slower cadence, and it sounds DOPE! Eligh is one of the best emcees to come from the classic crew, and is one of the few people I know who truly lives, breathes, and does music as much or more than I do because he just has to. He's also fun to ride camels with wearing women's clothes. It's always a pleasure working with him, and I am excited for you to hear the track that features him. It is one of my top three favorites from the whole album. Check out more from Eligh at You can also follow him at: