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  • Album Artist Feature: Scarub

    Scarub is one of the illest emcees I know with a style of rhyming and wordplay that really blows me away sometimes. I first ever heard of Scarub when Eligh, his fellow group-mate from the renowned hip-hop crew, Living Legends, suggested he be the emcee feature on the Inspired Flight song, "It's The Chemicals." He ended up rapping on that song and wrote one of the the illest 24-bar rap verses I've ever heard. From working together in the Inspired Flight days Scarub and I became friends and frequent collaborators. I know I can always count on Scarub to not only be down to spit a verse on something if I need or want him to, but to always write an incredible verse that couldn't be more epic and more on-topic for the track's theme. I knew from the get-go I wanted Scarub involved on my 9 Theory album, and the first song I actually searched for an emcee for and finished all the way and put out as 9 Theory is "At Home In The Dark," which features Scarub delivering an amazing 24 bars (also features Dawn Mitschele on vocals, but she'll get her own write-up later). Not only is Scarub an integral part of the Living Legends crew, but he also has a dope project with his buddy Very called Afro Classics, as well as a number of solo Scarub albums. His newest album, Want For Nothing, just dropped this November 11th! Check it out and more from Scarub at You can also follow Scarub at: