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  • Album artist feature: killer mike

    Killer Mike is not only an awesome emcee, but also a super down-to-earth, humble, inspiring human being. Needless to say it is an honor to have worked with him on my album, and of course he crushed it with his verse. I offered Mike his choice of three beats and the one he wanted to rap on ended up being perfect because of the theme. The song we did together is called "The Middle," and though my lyric ("Don't wanna pick sides, somewhere in the middle is where it's gotta go cause in the meantime where damage is done it shows.") is very simple and unspecific what I am essentially singing about is that the political polarization in our country is so ridiculously out of control that it is hurting us as a nation, and being too far on either side is a problem. Killer Mike, known for his honest and blunt lyrics often addressing issues like the corruption or hypocrisy with politics, police, and religion, did a perfect job elaborating on my theme with poignant lyrics and a super sic flow and delivery. Killer Mike is one of the dopest emcees to hail from Atlanta, Georgia, and is most known for his guest features on some Outkast tracks, for his highly acclaimed solo album R.A.P. Music, produced by EL-P, and for the subsequent two albums he and El-P made together as an official duo that they call Run The Jewels. Their newest album, Run The Jewels 2 (RTJ2) was just released on 10/24/14 and it is so sic. Check it out and get a FREE download at You can also follow Killer Mike at: