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  • Album artist feature: dawn mitschele

    Dawn is a fellow local singer/songwriter in San Diego with an amazing voice and a great knack for acoustic, indie, folky songwriting. In 2012 I produced and recorded Dawn's 5-song EP, Love Remains. By the end of the project not only had we become friends, but I knew her voice would be amazing over electronic music and I was determined to have her do some guest vocals on some of my stuff. I had Dawn sing on three 9 Theory songs I was working on, two of which I have included on my debut album, the other I will release on the second album probably. I was right about Dawn's voice over vibey electronic music, it sounds amazing, and the first song I released as 9 Theory is one of the songs featuring her on lead vocals, called "At Home In The Dark," which also features a rap verse from my boy, Scarub. I'm sure I'll work more with Dawn on future 9 Theory recordings as well, but besides hearing her on my music you should totally check out her own original stuff. She is one of the most talented singer/songwriters in San Diego for sure, and her music, and voice, is so good. Check out her EP that I produced at, and learn more about Dawn at
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    P.S. I am half sea lion. Shhhhh!