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  • Album artist feature: Sophie Barker

    Sophie Barker is best known for being one of the main female vocalists for Zero 7, who have been one of my favorite music groups since I discovered their legendary album, Simple Things, back in 2001.  Some of the best songs on that album are sang and written by Sophie, and the last thing to ever cross my mind back when I was getting into that album was that I would ever know or work with her.  As it turns out I was connected to her while in Inspired Flight through one of our managers, Chad, who was in touch with her agent about possibly booking her at The Belly Up, a local venue Chad books for.  We reached out and she liked the music and was super open to working with us.  One of the songs she sang on is a song I wrote and recorded called "Shoot For The Stars," and since Inspired Flight ended before we ever put it out it ended up being how I close out my 9 Theory album.  Since then I have opened for her at The Belly Up as 9 Theory, she has taken me trick-or-treating in a hamburger costume, and we stay in touch with a good skype chat every now and then, and will definitely do more collaborating in the future.  Sophie is so fucking cool, and just really down-to-earth and keeps it real, which I so appreciate with anybody.  She also is a true artist who loves writing, performing, and singing music, and she is incredibly talented with it all.  Her own original music is awesome, and I highly urge you to go check it out at  You can also follow Sophie at: