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  • Emancipator - Natural Cause (9 Theory Remix)

     Today Emancipator released his album of remixes from his last LP, Dusk To Dawn.  I had the opportunity to do a remix of his track "Natural Cause" and it became one of my favorite tracks I've ever made!  I actually created this awhile ago and have been waiting eagerly for the day Doug (Emancipator) would put these out so that I could finally share it with the world.  I love this remix so much that I have been performing it live ever since I finished it, but now people can finally hear and have the song, which I am super stoked about.  One of the really cool things about this remix is that it was the first time trying to get my friend Tori (Wolf Prize) on a track to see how her voice would sound with mine, and how it was working together.  I love how it turned out, and this track led to having her add many textures on my 9 Theory album, Against The Odds Of Entropy, as well as becoming my main female vocalist for live shows, and I am currently adding her voice to new 9 Theory stuff as well.  I love working with Tori and having her be a part of my sound, and it all started with this Emancipator remix.  Without further is my remix of "Natural Cause."  Enjoy.